14k gold 3 Carat Round White Sapphire Unique Engagement Ring

Our 3 Carat White sapphire unique engagement ring is a solitaire ring style. 14kt White Gold Custom made 8 Prong Edwardian style, Crown design ring with the setting head securely holding the gemstone.. We believe this is a great alternative to the traditional diamond engagement and an incredible value for a ring that will last a lifetime. * A note about lab created gemstones: Lab created stones are identical to natural gemstones in every way (same optical and physical properties) except price!

Sapphire is second only to diamond on the Mohs Hardness Scale & is excellent for daily wear. A diamond of this size with this color & clarity sells for 10,000 dollars today. We used our traditional bypass style crescent setting, which is simple, elegant and an evergreen style. We added the Crown setting head for extra security. The crown has cut outs all the way around the stone to let light into the stone. The multi-prong setting head has 8 prongs, which is more secure than a 4 or even a 6 prong setting. The metal is 14kt white gold and it is available in white, rose or yellow gold.

Material: Lab grown white sapphire
Dimensions: 9mm
Weight: 3.04 carat
Grade: AAA
Clarity: Eye clean



Please note: This is a Made to Order Item. Please allow for 14-21 days order processing time.