Pink Amethyst 10 Carat Statement Necklace in Gold Vermeil

10 carat specialty cut pink amethyst is sure to be noticed and not for the bashful! A true statement necklace! Vermeil is 18k rose gold plated over sterling silver. A timeless, sophisticate and beautiful design which reminds you of the joy of life. The word vermeil cannot be used unless vigorous standards in manufacturing are met.                                • 18K Rose Gold Vermeil over 925 Silver - 3.7 grs
• Special cut Pink Amethyst
• 15 mm round gemstone w/ 10.2 carats
• 2 White Topaz round 1.0 mm diamond cut
• Necklace diameter 5/8"
• Necklace length 20"

Please note: Reduced 50% Clearance Sale!