Padparadscha Sapphire Necklace

Gorgeous color in our Padparadscha sapphire necklace, featuring a 2.5 carat round brilliant cut sapphire. Padparadscha; also known as orange sapphire is one of the rarest & most sought after gemstones. We set this beauty in a 14k gold, 4 prong basket pendant and are including a 1mm solid rope chain. The style is a simple and minimalist necklace design, creating the perfect dainty gold necklace! Our birth stone necklace is a meaningful gift for anyone born in September. Whether you are shopping for a anniversary gift for your wife or looking for a unique girlfriend necklace, this beautiful necklace is it! I think it is the perfect everyday necklace!

Your choice of 14k yellow gold (pictured here), white gold or rose gold. This is a color change stone changing from salmon pink to orange with different light conditions.

Material: 14kt gold
Pendant height: 13.5 mm
Pendant Width: 8.3 mm
Chain clearance: 4.5x2.8 mm
Pendant-Gold weight: 0.61 grams

Material: Lab grown Padparadscha sapphire
Dimensions: 8 mm
Cut: Round Brilliant
Weight: 2.56 carat
Grade: AAA
Clarity: Eye clean

14kt yellow gold
Solid Rope style
1 mm wide with spring ring clasp

Sapphires are known for their exemplary blue color. But there is actually a rainbow of hues available for this gemstone. The padparadscha sapphire is a rare but striking version of this gem that is pink- and orange-toned, offering a colorful alternative to the more well-known blue. September birthdays may especially enjoy the variety of choosing a padparadscha sapphire, as sapphire is the birthstone for September.

How is a padparadscha sapphire different?
So, what is the difference between a padparadscha sapphire and the more well-known blue variety?

Of course, first and most obvious is the color disparity, the salmon-colored padparadscha sapphire being a strikingly different hue. But it’s the chemical makeup of these gems that alter their coloring, making them different. Typical blue sapphires get their color from the addition of titanium and iron to the mineral corundum, whereas padparadscha sapphires are corundum with trace elements of chromium and iron added. Chromium is also the element that gives rubies their red hue, so it stands to reason that a dash of chromium would tinge corundum with that color as well.

Another difference between padparadscha sapphires and blue sapphires is their relative scarcity. While both gemstones are precious, padparadscha sapphires are quite rare (which also affects their cost per carat).

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