Silver Birthstone Stacking Ring, Mother's Ring

Create a personalized family ring, Mothers ring or thoughtful gift with our 5mm birthstone stacking rings. Buy for yourself, choosing your birthday month. Buy your children's birthstones. Buying a set for Mom or Grand-Mom is a very meaningful jewelry gift & beautiful and thoughtful gift. Our dainty gemstone rings contain 5mm stone size, that are fully faceted and bezel set for stone security. These are completely handmade using 2mm wide x 1.25mm thick Argentium silver. We used a rectangular shank style for the clean, crisp and modern feel.

Our rings have enough weight and width to wear alone; however when stacked together they have great impact and make a lovely & personalized gift.

While our rings are handmade, we strive for quality, so our bezels are clean with no ragged or asymmetrical edges.

Agrentium is fine silver, which is purer than sterling, nickel free and tarnish resistant.


January - Garnet
February - Amethyst
March - Lab Spinel
April - Cubic Zirconia
May- Green CZ
June - Lab Alexandrite
July -  Lab Ruby
August - Peridot
September - Lab Blue Sapphire
October - Lab Pink Sapphire
November - Citrine
December - Swiss Blue Topaz

Let us make your very own custom set. Tell us the month/months you need when you place your order.