3 Carat White Sapphire Loose Gemstone in our Rose Petal cut

The unique stone is a one-of-a-kind stone, only available here! Our custom designed gemstone cut, Rose Petal© brings out the maximum beauty, fire, and sparkle from each species of gem. Let us cut this stone for your unique engagement ring. Our inspiration for this cut is the queen of all flowers...the Rose. We think of our facets as petals on the Rose. We named the cut in honor of our mother, Rose. While the shape of the stone is an Octagon, it fits in a round prong type setting. White Sapphire is one of the best rough materials for this cut due to its ability to bend light known as Refractive Index. Photos show how the Rose acts as mini prisms to separate white light into the colors of the spectrum. This is the first lab created sapphire we used for the Rose. The Rose Petal design works perfectly in sapphire being everything we were striving for. Cutting in Lab Created Sapphire offers a substantial savings since the price for the natural rough is not included. This listing is for the stone only. The ring pictured is for illustration only. This will fit your round 8mm setting or let us show you hundreds of settings not listed here. We can also Custom design settings for you or duplicate from your picture. Contact us for pictures & details. STONE DETAILS: Species, Lab Grown White Sapphire. Color, River White. Clarity, VVS Eye Clean. Cut, Rose Petal©. Size 7.72mm. Weight 3.19 carat. Treatment Lab Grown.

Please note: This is a Made to Order Item. Please allow for 14-21 days order processing time.