3.5 Carat White Sapphire Full Portuguese Cut Engagement Ring

Our White Sapphire Full Portuguese Cut is brilliant beyond belief with 177 facets compared to 61 facets on the standard round brilliant diamond. This stone sparkle & twirling effect on the eye is hypnotizing! This stone is so brilliant that it is difficult to photograph. Picture # 1 is the closet we could come to show the beauty and detail. This is a great alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring and a stone cut, that is seldom seen today. This is a bold jewelry piece will surely be noticed! 3 1/2 carats is a very noticeable size while still being believable. Great for everyday wear & is the hardest of all colored gemstones, being surpassed only by a diamond. Lab grown gemstones have all the same physical & optical properties as a natural gemstone, without the high price! We hand made the shank using 3mm wide Argentium silver, which is purer than sterling & highly stain resistant, requiring only an occasional wipe with a soft cloth. The sterling setting head is a 4-prong wire basket style, that lets in tons of light. Material: Argentium and Sterilium silver. Shank Base Thickness:1.50 mm. Shank Base Width: 3 mm


  • Dimensions: 9mm.
  • Weight: 3.50 carat.
  • Material: Lab grown White Sapphire.
  • Grade: AAA
  • Clarity: no flaws under 10X loupe.
  • Mohs hardness: is a 9 (diamond is a 10) 

Please note: This is a Made to Order Item. Please allow for 14-21 days order processing time.