Ametrine Oval Engagement Ring, Women's Statement Ring

Our oval engagement ring features a Gorgeous GEM Grade Ametrine 12X10 Oval shaped gemstone hand-cut by us! Promise ring, birthstone ring, statement ring & cocktail ring all rolled up in this very versatile ring! This natural gem displays great fire and brilliance and is an attention getter at 5 carats. Ametrine is natures blend of Amethyst & Citrine. This is also a great gift for anyone born in February birthstone (Amethyst) or November birthstone (Citrine) or if you just can't commit to one thing! Perfect girlfriend gift!

We set 2) 3mm natural round white sapphires as accent stones bordering this beauty. Colored gemstones are being used as engagement rings today in place of the more expensive diamonds. This would also be a stunner as a cocktail ring.
Our setting is a sterling silver open wire basket style design. This design lets in maximum light to allow the beauty of the stone to shine. We like the symbolism of the 3 stone ring, which represents: "Past, Present & Future".

Let us make this for you in your size! Please allow us 21 days to custom make this beauty for you.

Rare & unusual due to the natural 2 color zoning effect, no 2 stones are alike. Found only in the Anahi mine in Bolivia. Balance & serenity is bestowed upon the wearer. Ametrine is among an elite group of gems as there is only one source and its future availability is uncertain.
Mohs Hardness Scale: 7 Good for daily wear.