Labradorite Necklace, Spectrolite Silver Necklace

Our Labradorite necklace features a beautiful pear shaped Spectrolite stone, hand carved by us. Our large stone necklace is a custom necklace, 100% handmade by us! Carat weight is 10.54 carats. Pendant necklace with rainbow color flashes & iridescent fire make Spectrolite a very popular stone for jewelry. Boho necklace, Silver necklace, pendant necklace, statement necklace and layering necklace!

We designed & handmade our pear shaped pendant using 4.12 grams of Argentium Silver. Argentium is finer than sterling & is very tarnish resistant, requiring only a wipe with a soft cloth. We used a twisted wire as a border and it is one piece that also is fashioned into the bale. We used a wide opening for the bale allowing you to use a cord or wider chain if so desired. The back of the pendant has an opening so you also see the gemstone from the back as well.

We are including an 18 inch sterling silver wheat chain with a lobster claw clasp that perfectly complements the color and finish of the Argentium. This is not a cookie cutter piece of jewelry & will make a great gift!
- Spectrolite is a trade name referring to a rare variety of labradorite, a member of the plagioclase feldspar group.

Labradorite is known for its remarkable iridescence. This schiller or metallic luster can be seen when light hits the stone from particular angles. Most typically, these metallic tints are violet, blue and green. This effect is so unique to labradorite that it is referred to as labradorescence. The labradorescent effect is believed to be due to the presence of very fine platelets of varying composition as well as minute inclusions of limenite, rutile and possible magnetite which cause the diffraction of light.

Some rare specimens of labradorite display a full spectrum of colors, not only violet, blue and green; but also yellow, orange and red. These rare specimens have been given the name spectrolite. The name was introduced by the Finnish geologist Aarne Laitakari , former Director of the Geological Survey of Finland.