Blended Ametrine 4.67 Carat Full Portuguese Cut Engagement Ring

Our own custom cut Modified Portuguese is 12MM & has a carat weight of 4.67ct. The Blended Ametrine is a beautiful blending of Amethyst (February's birthstone) & Citrine (November's birthstone). The golden color of citrine and the purple color of amethyst are seen as flashes of color, but neither is distinct enough to be prominent, so you have an overall blending of the colors. This cut is stunningly brilliant, due to the multi-layered & numerous facets. At over 4 carats, this is a can't miss me rock and makes a beautiful cocktail or statement ring. You will not find this cut anywhere else is it was designed by us. Set in a sterling silver 8 prong setting. The setting head has openings all the around the stone to let in plenty of light allowing the stone to reflect brilliance back to the eye. ♡ SPECIFICS: Species: Genuine Ametrine, Grade AA, Clarity Eye clean, Carat Weight: 4.67ct.

Please note: This is a Made to Order Item. Please allow for 14-21 days order processing time.