7 Carat White Sapphire Necklace

Our White Sapphire 7 Carat birthstone necklace & statement necklace is the perfect bridal necklace! Our solitaire necklace style is simple and classic! This is a bold jewelry, certainly can be worn alone, but it would be a core piece to a layered necklace set as well. 12mm Round Lab Grown White Sapphire is a beauty and weighs in at 7.13 carats.

We set the sapphire in a sterling silver open basket style setting to let in plenty of light so you can see the brilliance and fire that sapphire is known for. The bail is the classic rabbit ear style. The gemstone is suspended from an 18 inch sterling silver open cable link chai

White Sapphire is a good alternate for someone born in April, whose traditional birthstone is diamond. Can you imagine what a 7 carat diamond would cost? This is the best alternative. Sapphire is second only to diamonds in the Mohs hardness scale. Sapphires have a hardness of 9, while diamonds are a 10.

This is a great piece to wear daily!