3 Carat Blended Ametrine Rose Petal Unique Engagement Ring

Our Blended Ametrine Rose Petal Alternate Engagement ring is a beautiful diamond Alternative! Can be also worn as a very feminine statement ring and is the perfect Anniversary gift for wife or partner! Very meaningful gift for anyone who was born in February or November, as Ametrine is natures blend of Amethyst (February birthstone and Citrine (November birthstone).

♡ 3.25 Carat Blended Ametrine in our signature Rose Petal cut. This unique cut we call "Rose petal" was designed by us to simulate the beauty and intricacy of a rose. We set the Ametrine in a Nickel free sterling silver scroll design raised setting. We Rhodium plate the setting for a high polish and tarnish resistance.

The detailed open filigree work on this ring is seen from all sides. The head is open so the stone reflects the light amazingly.
This would be a beautiful alternative to a traditional diamond engagement ring and at 3+ carats this is a lot of bling!

♡ Stone details:
Material: Blended Ametrine
Dimensions: 9mm
Color: AA

Please allow 14-21 days for us to custom make in your size.

Rare & unusual due to the natural 2 color zoning effect, no 2 stones are alike. Found only in the Anahi mine in Bolivia. Balance & serenity is bestowed upon the wearer. Ametrine is among an elite group of gems as there is only one source and its future availability is uncertain.
Mohs Hardness Scale: 7 Good for daily wear.

Please note: This is a Made to Order Item. Please allow for 14-21 days order processing time.