8 Carat Blended Ametrine Ring, Radiant Cut Ring, Statement Ring

We hand cut this natural Blended Ametrine, 15 X 10 Radiant Cut, which has a 7.84 Carat weight & makes this a notice me ring! The Radiant Cut is a Square-Emerald cut. Bicolor Ametrine is natures blend of Amethyst (February's birthstone) & Citrine (November's birthstone). The Blended Ametrine is not seen commonly. Most Ametrine is the banded variety, with distinct color bands of gold & purple. We like the Blended variety and think the color combination is beautiful and feminine. You see the purple, pink and golden color of Citrine. I think champagne is the color where the 2 gems blend. The Ametrine sits horizontally across your finger. Beautiful & unique! We custom made a simple setting in sterling silver. When the stone is the showstopper, we like to keep the setting simple. The setting head is a 4-prong basket style, designed to let maximum light into the stone. The band is a double shank in a braided or twisted design. This is a substantial setting and is not in any way flimsy. It is made to accommodate a stone of this size.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ♡ STONE DETAILS:
Material: Genuine Blended Ametrine
Dimensions: 15 x 10
Weight: 7.84 carat
Grade: AAA
Clarity: Eye clean

Please note: This is a Made to Order Item. Please allow for 14-21 days order processing time.